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So here’s the thing I’ve learned about the legal community: As it stands today, in 2022, it’s not adequately serving Black women and people of color.

The percentage of lawyers of color? A mere 14%. And just like people, lawyers associate with those who look like them, even if that number is not representative of the entire population. Most lawyers are so focused on who can easily pad their pockets, who is coming to them without question, and who they’re used to seeing walk through their doors.

And frankly speaking, lawyers today don’t realize that they continue to play a role in the systems that used to enslave people like us.

If you're...

Good news. I’ve got one foot already in your door.

You just need to open it a little wider for the rest of me to come in.

Estate Planning

I don’t think it’s that crazy to say that 99% of us grew up without “estate planning” as part of our vocabulary.

If we even heard it spoken, it felt like a fancy term, saved for the 1%. It wasn’t meant for you, right? Kardashians and Hiltons, yes. You, nope.

Wrong. The only reason why you don’t know about estate planning is because it was never designed for us. But I’m here to tell you that not only is it meant for you, it’s also critical that you use it!

If you Have Build...

All the hard work you put into it is part of your legacy.

All the hard work you put into it is part of your legacy. And it’s the start of what the legacy you will create and continue, too.

That’s nothing to sweep under the rug. You deserve to establish your estate plan, too.