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A Step-by-Step Estate Planning Guide for Anyone Who Isn’t an Old, Rich, White Guy

When was the last time you thought about estate planning?

I’ve got news for you: You don’t have to feel guilty that you haven’t planned your will (yet). You don’t have to feel overwhelmed at the possible cost of a lawyer. And you don’t have to feel gutted because planning your estate isn’t as exciting as mastering the latest Meg Thee Stallion TikTok dance.

(The trick is trying it in a mirror a few times before you hit record. Ah.)


Is flipping the script on estate planning by putting the power of legacy into the hands of Black women and people of color.

As a publication of Legacy Lit (an imprint of Hachette Book Group), WILL POWER will be available at your favorite local bookstore in 2024.

As a lawyer, a consultant, and now an author, I’m proud to help people have more access to legacy-building tools.

The good news: In this book, I will equip readers with the necessary knowledge and tools so that they, too, can play a part in disrupting the lack of agency in decision-making.

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Let’s Look at the Stats:

Black people are on track to have zero median household wealth by 2053.

Latinx people are on track to have zero household wealth by 2073.

Median White household wealth will climb to $137,000 by 2053 and $147,000 by 2073.

Professionals must focus on racial and ethnic differences to advance interests in and understand estate planning in later life.

67% of Americans have no will or estate plan.

78% of millennials and 64% of Gen Xers do not have a will.

Alarming? Yes. Impossible to overcome? Not if I have anything to do with it.

We might not be able to bridge the wealth gap for people of color through estate planning alone. However, it’s a critical factor and a solid step in the right direction.

In WILL POWER, you will gain knowledge About how to:

The concept of legacy isn’t color-coded. It’s meant for you, too.

Get your copy of WILL POWER so you can begin to solidify your legacy and bridge the wealth gap others want to put you in.

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Will Power

Coming to your favorite independent bookstore in 2024*

*Or anywhere fine books are sold