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The pioneering woman who will change estate planning in the United States.

Ten years from now, that's the legacy I want to leave. Actually, no. I want to be known for that now. (I know it might take a while.)

Women deserve to make decisions. Period. And as far as justice for women has come today, we're still facing resistance when it comes to actualizing our decision-making abilities. Wills, trusts, and estate planning documents have been reserved for rich white men and held out of our reach. Not. Any. More.

I've seen the gaps in providing and accessing legal services

I know barriers exist, but they don't have to. I'm working to overcome those barriers with every opportunity to stand in front of an audience, every chance I get to consult a group of lawyers, and every individual I help guide to discover their legacy. It's time to push straight through any resistance and place legal documents and decision-making straight into the hands of women of color.

As a committed leader in legal discourse, I’ve made it a point to participate in my several community projects. Through the nonprofit, Be the Bridge, I’m working to empower people through racial healing and justice. I’m actively contributing to the largest online legal community, Above the Law. My membership at the local library’s inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility group is being put to good use. And in case you haven’t seen, I’m also proud to be releasing my debut book in 2024, WILL POWER, for people who want just as much access to legacy-building tools as I do.

Over the years I’ve been named...


Travis County Women Lawyers’ Association Pro Bono Attorney Award

2020 & 2021

Austin’s Top Attorneys


Austin Black Business Journal Up & Coming Lawyers

My Mission

I activate women so they can go from unclear and informed about estate planning to confidently prepared.

There is no reason you should feel left out or lost in creating and protecting your legacy. You deserve to be informed. You deserve to declare your decisions. You deserve to create the impact you want for the future you dream will exist.

Press Recognition

I refuse to keep my work quiet. Below are just a few of the places where I’m making sure marginalized voices are being prioritized and women of color are hearing the message they’ve needed for their entire lives.

I know talking about major injury and/or death is not a fun subject, but this is a form of self love and self care! And if you do own assets or have a family- you can’t talk about generational wealth without talking about ways to protect yourself + your wealth and pass it down.⁣ I'm so glad I heard Iffy on Episode 200 of Journey to Launch Podcast because I had been looking for someone to help with Estate planning and Iffy and her team were amazing!⁣

Kendra Barnes
Founder, and Creator of The Key Resource

The insightful Iffy brought the importance of estate planning to the forefront for our Google Breadwinning Women's community. Iffy's presentation covered critical aspects of estate planning -- don't overlook it both for your estate wishes and those of your loved ones!

Bethanie Baynes
Founder of Google’s Breadwinning Women

Iffy’s presentation at the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference was a standout for us. She’s not only an engaging presenter, but she also discusses topics that are relevant to the practice of law but remain largely untouched by other industry speakers. I highly recommend her for delivering impactful and actionable content to any audience!

Nefra-Ann MacDonald
Senior Manager, Clio - Cloud-based Legal Technology

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