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Iffy Ibekwe activates women so they can go from unclear and uninformed about estate planning to confidently prepared.

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I’m Iffy

As one of the very few Black female estate planning lawyers in the United States, I see how the legal world treats women and people of color. And let me tell you–it’s like we’re non-existent, especially when it’s time to talk about legal protection and generational wealth.

Historically, the relationship between Black people and the law is shameful at best. Why should the focus always remain on civil rights, criminal law, and child custody disputes? I desire more. I want to change generations. I need to protect the wallets you are padding and the future legacy it’ll provide for your family and community. And I think you want that too.

I’m here today, pulling out a chair at the table that hasn’t had our place cards on it in the past and making decisions about our lives–off the golf course and outside the “good ol’ boys club.” Care to join me?

I know talking about major injury and/or death is not a fun subject, but this is a form of self love and self care! And if you do own assets or have a family- you can’t talk about generational wealth without talking about ways to protect yourself + your wealth and pass it down.⁣ I'm so glad I heard Iffy on Episode 200 of Journey to Launch Podcast because I had been looking for someone to help with Estate planning and Iffy and her team were amazing!⁣

Kendra Barnes
Founder, and Creator of The Key Resource

The insightful Iffy brought the importance of estate planning to the forefront for our Google Breadwinning Women's community. Iffy's presentation covered critical aspects of estate planning -- don't overlook it both for your estate wishes and those of your loved ones!

Bethanie Baynes
Founder of Google’s Breadwinning Women

Iffy’s presentation at the 2021 Clio Cloud Conference was a standout for us. She’s not only an engaging presenter, but she also discusses topics that are relevant to the practice of law but remain largely untouched by other industry speakers. I highly recommend her for delivering impactful and actionable content to any audience!

Nefra-Ann MacDonald
Senior Manager, Clio - Cloud-based Legal Technology

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Are you interested in working with me? The way I see it, equity and advancement shouldn’t be kept in the hands of gatekeepers behind stuffy closed doors. It should be open, free for people to hear, and accessible to everyone, no matter what they’ve been told to believe.

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I use my voice to amplify and activate your attendees. I distill complex subjects in an accessible and engaging way, no matter the audience.


I lead organizations, attorneys, and individuals in law, entrepreneurship, and cultural competency. We look into what you’ve created and map out an all-encompassing plan that makes sense for you.



Estate Planning

I protect the legacies of individuals in Texas and Arkansas. We’ll audit your assets and determine the best ways they will carry your legacy for generations to come.